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Tuition and Fees

Welcome to the Temple Israel Hebrew School. We encourage all Jewish children, those with Jewish family members and those with a personal interest in Jewish learning, to register for Temple Israel's Hebrew school. Our students are taught not only the basics of Hebrew language and reading, but also prayer, rituals, holidays, Jewish values, and Jewish history.

Elementary school students meet on Sunday mornings, 10-12 and by arrangement for other times. Pre-bar and bat mitzvah students meet Thursday afternoon and by special arrangement.


  • Children who attend Sunday class only: $425
  • Children who are in third through sixth grade $500
  • B'nai Mitzvah students: $500

There is a $50 discount for additional children in a family already paying full tuition for one child. Students beginning the program after age 10 and wanting to participate in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program may be expected to engage a private tutor to help prepare them for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah class.Tuition includes books and materials.

Payment Policy

Families are asked to pay at least half the balance of their Hebrew School tuition with submission of the registration forms. The balance is due by January 1 of that school year. If this is not feasible, please call the Temple treasurer to arrange either an individual payment plan or financial assistance. These arrangements are kept confidential.

Families are also required to be Members to enroll children in the Hebrew school. Arrangements for payment of dues are also made with the Treasurer. Hebrew School tuition balances must be paid in full before a Bar or Bat Mitzvah date is confirmed.

It is Temple Israel's policy to offer a Jewish Education to all children of the Jewish community.