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Refugee Support Project

The Refugee Support Project is an interfaith community group based at Temple Israel which is working to help refugees in Syria as well as immigrants locally.

Donation checks can be made out to Temple Israel, with Refugee Support Project in the memo line, and mailed to 27 Pierce Street, Greenfield, MA 01301.

For more info: Ellen Kaufmann, 413-625-9708, [email protected].

The RSP is currently supporting the below postcard campaign:

This postcard action was initiated by asylum seekers in the tent camp in Matamoros at the border with Texas who are stuck there under MPP, the Migrant Protection Protocols, also called "Remain in Mexico." This action was led by one of the asylum seekers, with the help of Cindy Andrade Johnson, a deacon of the Methodist Church and workers at the Resource Center Matamoros. 600 postcards were written by people in the camp and delivered to Representative Vela of Texas, who gave them to Dr. Jill Biden. The idea is to urge Dr. Biden to take on Ending MPP as her special First Lady Project. Now this action has become nationwide, so here is where we come in.

The plan is to collect as many "post cards" as possible which then will be sent to Representative McGovern';s office; Representative McGovern has agreed to get those to Dr. Jill Biden. You can print out the postcard on your computer, and then write your letter underneath it. Sign your name, put the name of your town and zip code on it, and then send it in an envelope to:
Annique Boomsma,
66 Harkness road,
Pelham MA 01002

--Postcard image and suggested text:

/Users/kobygardner-levine/Downloads/postcard for action.JPG

Dear Dr. Jill Biden, Vice-President Biden and Senator Harris:

President Trump's deeply flawed Migrant Protection Protocol continues to cause incredible suffering at the US-Mexico border. Under MPP, migrants, who have the right to seek asylum in the US, have been returned to Mexico to wait there for the duration of their immigration proceedings, which have totally ground to a halt since the start of the pandemic. These migrants live in utterly inhumane and increasingly life-threatening conditions.

Some families, including children and newborns, have been there for well over a year, living in tents, vulnerable to severe weather, and attacks by human traffickers and criminal groups that assault, rape, kidnap and torture people in the camp in Matamoros and in other cities along the border, where migrants are stuck living on the streets or in nylon tents. This is a humanitarian crisis and is unacceptable. We must not look away. I know Dr. Jill Biden visited the tent camp in Matamoros in 2019 and saw for herself the horrid reality of MPP.

This is a humanitarian issue! Please work to bring an immediate end to MPP, which does NOT protect migrants but instead causes them continued trauma. Allow these men, women, children and babies, who came to our border to seek safety and protection, after escaping dangerous and violent conditions in their home countries, to come to the United states and have their immigration cases heard. Please make sure they are NOT put in detention while they wait for their court date. These people have suffered far too much already!

Thank you so much for whatever you can do to end MPP immediately. Lives are at stake!

I am asking for just immigration policies for migrants and refugees as soon as possible. The harm that is being done to our migrant brothers and sisters from around the world has to end.

Thank you,