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Rabbi Message: November 28, 2017

A confession: I am very well informed (and opinionated) on the political moment and I have been teetering on the verge of despair. I keep doing all the things I love, the things that lift me up, the things that make my life meaningful. And yet I have been struggling on the verge of despair. I have been anxious about what might happen, what can happen in this polarized moment in our country. And the truth is, I have been feeling exhausted and imbalanced. I have been protecting my heart from the full force of the grief I feel from the small personal challenges in life and the universal, collective ones as well. What can we do when the tools at our disposal and the urgency of the situation are not aligned?

A revelation: I found a way through, at least the beginning of one. I decided to embrace the challenge of the situation and ask: What is required of us now? What do we need in order to hold resilience in our personal, social, and communal lives?

Something new and exciting - and by necessity - empowering to us all - is called for.

Caring, connection and creativity are called for.

Collectivity and collaboration are needed.

Responsible, responsive and active citizens are needed.

Our connections are the food we all need to support each other.

I am at the start of this new path. I am asking better questions now. The despair is giving way to the power of connection. I pray for you and me and all of us to find powerful and empowering actions to preserve and cherish the web of creation, our nation and ourselves.