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Rabbi Message: May 6, 2017

Our community is a bit like a spider. Poeple are attracted here to learn, OR to feel community, OR to daven/pray OR to support Jewish continuity, OR to train their kids, OR to work together to express the prophetic vision of Judaism, OR to glean from the Jewish cultural heritage and expression AND many other reasons. I am able to see the diversity and richness of it all. I am able to connect with so many of you who bring your skills and interests here. With this writing, I take the time to let you know about what others in the commnity are creating. These are some of the amazing activists at TI:

Yosl Kurland, who has so many skills, is bringing Yiddish - language and culture - to an avid band of students.

The finance committee (headed by Carol Silver), the Board (headed by Jess Rigollaud) and the House committee (headed by Marc Weinberger and Marsha Stone) do the thankless and invisible jobs which make everything else possible. Thank you. We see you!

Our garden and grounds work was taken up this year under the leadership of Nancee Bershof and Rhonda Wainshillbaum. We look forward to work days and relaxing days on the improved grounds.

Thanks must go to Ellen Kauffmann and the Refugee Support project. Ellen and the committee have become important links in promoting and supporting human rights and safety of refugees here and abroad. The committee has adapted to the new administration with wisdom and passion - creating effective responses for changing circumstances.

Jean Cherdack and Shirin Morris have spear-headed community meals offerings for our neighbors at Second Congregational Church. Their efforts (besides being pretty fun!) place us where we should be - with our neighbors, helping where we can.

Michael Hurwitz is a steady shephard of the Meyers Library. He posts new and interesting books in creative ways and keeps good order in our lively library.

Okay, you get the idea. Among the committees and working groups I didn't even mention yet: Shmitta/Sustainability, Cultural Progamming and their wonderful film series on Embracing Diversity, Membership, School, IT, Programming, Ritual, Long Range Planning, Investment, Burrial Society/Hevra...And the list goes on!

We are doing amazing things. I am happy and proud to be part of the connective tissue of this beloved community.