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Israel Dialogue Project on Wednesday, and Shabbat Services Friday

Shalom and thank you for reading the Temple Israel e-newsletter, your source for upcoming happenings at Temple Israel in Greenfield!

Due to illness, there will not be regular office hours tomorrow, Tuesday June 13. Rabbi Andrea will have her regular Rabbi drop-in hours from 9-12, and Carol will be in the office from 1-3pm to handle any urgent business.

Table of Contents

  • This Wednesday, June 14: Israel Dialogue Project
    "Let's Talk & Listen on Israel/Palestine: Our Hopes Concerns and Fears."
  • Pre-Shabbat River Immersions Are Ongoing
  • Friday, June 16: Shabbat Evening Service
  • Next Wednesday, June 21: Hot Topics: A Practice in Handling Heated Conversations
  • Gluten-Free Baking Demonstrations in July!
  • Superbia Neighborhood Garden Tour is July 30, 4-7pm
  • Rabbi Message: A teaching from The Divine Path, by Reb Kalanymous Kalman Shapira OBM

Let's Talk & Listen on Israel/Palestine: Our Hopes Concerns and Fears.

Wednesday, June 14
5:30pm Dinner / 6:30pm program

Please join us on Wednesday June 14th for the last event in our series Jewish Identity, Safety and Justice in a Uncertain World. The event is titled "Let's Talk and Listen: Israel/Palestine: Our concerns, fears and hopes. Join us for dinner at 5:30 and then starting at 6:30 we will share our thoughts and feelings about Israel using Compassionate listening techniques for the first part of the evening. We will then have an opportunity to listen to Patrick and Busrah Benson, a Palestinian American couple, who live in Greenfield. We will again use our CL techniques to deepen the conversation. After the program we will share a break fast meal with our Muslim guests! We hope that you will join us!

Our goal for this series is to:

  • Deepen our connections with each other by listening, hearing, and sharing our stories as Jews, and by exploring our Jewish identities, in order to better understand ourselves & each other as well as the roles stereotypes & antisemitism play in our lives.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how our fears may impact our attitudes toward the conflict in Israel/Palestine and our ability to see clearly & act consciously.

Poster for The Israel Dialogue Project June 14 Session

Down to the River: Pre-Shabbat Immersion

Friday Mikvah River Immersion at Gardeners Falls, Fridays at 4:15-5pm.

Mikveh immersions will happen most every Friday until the cold chases us away.
For details and directions, click here.

Shabbat Evening Service

Friday, June 16, 7pm.

Join us for a joyous and song-filled Kabbalat Shabbat/Entering Shabbat Service. This week services will be led by Yosl Kurland and Sher Sweet.

Hot Topics: A Practice in Handling Heated Conversations

Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 7:00pm

Last in our adult ed series for this year on skilled communication. You are welcome to join us for this final program which will look at differeing points of view on rights, responsibilities and concerns around migration. 7-9PM. Free and open to the public. Donations welcome.

Gluten-Free Baking Demonstration

Fridays, July 14, 21, and 28

*Just Announced!* Rabbi Andrea will be leading three gluten-free baking demonstrations at Temple Israel. Each session will cover general principles of gluten-free baking, demonstrate a particular recipe, and have a delicious result to take home. We can some accomodations for other dietary restrictions, please ask. This class is limited to 12 participants so get in touch to reserve your spot!

Session 1, July 14: Calzone/Pizza dough

Session 2, July 21: "Gluten-free bread that doesn't suck"

Session 3, July 28: Dessert principles & Lemon Bars!

$15 per class, $36 for the whole series.

Superbia Neighborhood Garden Tour 4-7PM

Sunday, July 30, 4:00pm

TI's Superbia Project (making Suburbs and towns Superb!) is planning a neighborhood walking tour. We'll start near Temple Israel and visit new and established vegetable gardens, an ornamental garden and a back yard orchard. Then we'll hop into our cars and drive off to the home of a friend of TI who has a beautiful greenhouse and community garden in her backyard. We'll have a tour and dinner there. Great if you can bring dessert or a beverage.

RSVP to rabbi(@)

Rabbi Message

From The Divine Path, by Reb Kalanymous Kalman Shapira OBM

A Teaching for Shavuot; paraphrase by Andrea CK

...And so we come to realize that the messianic vision of human completeness is the whole point of creation. It is the will and essence of Creator that human evolution be experienced and expressed via the unfolding creation. When The Holy One generates each individual human being, the individuals do not simply express their unique, personal self. They also express a portion of the overall human evolutionary impulse. It is up to each of us individually to awaken our desire for repair and betterment. It is indeed possible for any of us to suppress and ignore the messianic impulse.

Each seeker must needs set for themselves ways to reach for and measure their efforts to evolve, so the whole world will not remain in this current lowly condition. Ask yourself: What did I do today? Was I more or less selfish than yesterday? Did I not get worse? Or did I actually make an effort and raise up some situation? What opportunities did I squander today? Frame this search in a positive way: Where are my points of influence? What can I affect for the good? Can I align myself with a higher purpose and bring out the messianic sparks in myself?

We don't do this work strictly for our personal benefit. This is the way we can contribute to the quickening, the approaching of messianic values and expressions. There have already been very high souls in the Hebrew tradition, like Moses Our Teacher and others. But the time was not ripe for the Edenic age. The time, the place and the human consciousness are all needed together for a collective and permanent step forward in our common evolution. Each of us individually must be a new building block in this great effort of preparation....We know we are on the right path when we feel a sense of agitation, an awareness of our lack, a wish for something more pure and true... when we feel God's call to us: Rise above your nature (conditioning) and bring forth your light...