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Shabbat Special Guest Speaker Alyssa Bauer
Saturday, May 26, 2018 - 12:30pm

Event Details

Join us in welcoming Alyssa Bauer after services and kiddush May 26.

Alyssa Bauer will be speaking about some ways to support our immigrant neighbors here in Franklin County. She will focus on her experience helping to start the Franklin County Farmworker Community Rideshare. The rideshare connects community members with each other to address transportation challenges ride by ride, person to person. The volunteers who make up the FCFCR offer rides based on request. They do not belong to any organization and are simply community members providing rides to other community members who need transportation support. This project is part of the necessary solidarity work required when some community members enjoy rights and privileges that others are denied.

We'll enjoy a Latino lunch of tamales, rice & beans & salad after services and talk about ways to engage with our local community.