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Rabbi with a Past: Rabbi Andrea's Birthday Celebration
Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 6:00pm
The Wheel House at Hawks & Reed

Event Details

Rabbi With a Past is a comedy and musical show featuring the life and times of Greenfield's own Andrea CK.
Andrea will reflect on her long strange trip from being the daughter of a cross-dressing mobster in suburban Minneapolis to her current gig as rabbi of Temple Israel in Greenfield. Interspersed with her humorous reflections, Andrea invited a few friends to bring music and stories that are funny, illuminating or touching - or all three!
Word artists Marian Kelner and Isaac Kiener will contribute stories. Amanda and the Hassidot/The Righteous Storks will sing as will the Temple Israel Pick Up Band. Jamming may ensue.
No fee for entry.
Open event.
Cash bar.
Savory snacks and cheese cake provided by Stone Soup Cafe.
Donations welcome to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund*
(*"Doing good deeds in secret since 2016")
Doors open at 6
Show starts at 6:30