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Moshiach Seuda

Tuesday, April 30 @ 7:00 pm 8:45 pm

“There is a Chassidic custom, instituted by the Baal Shem Tov ... to conduct a 'mirror-seder' in the closing hours of the last day of Peysakh/Passover, complete with matzah and four cups of wine. These are the hours, say the Chassidic masters, when time relinquishes its last hold upon our lives; when the future, too, can be remembered, and the Era of Moshiach tasted and digested as the Exodus is on the seder night.”

Come experience the chassidic custom of holding a seder on the last day of Pesach/Peysakh/Passover. We will drink four cups, eat our last taste of matzah, and share words of torah that embody the idea of moshiach/messiah and the things, people, forces, and ideas that lovingly rip the world open to make way for something new. Bring songs, toyreh/torah (wisdom), poetry, or other readings on concepts including: messiah, redemption, diaspora, visions for becoming free, and changing internal and external systems of relationship.

If you decide to bring food, please be sure it is kosher for Pesach. Processed foods or smoked fish should heckhsher-ed (has a K for P stamp on it), vegetables/fruit should be processed in a bread/gluten-free environment, or kosher for peysakh wine/grape juice/liquor.