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Jews and Allies: Interfaith Council of Franklin County Roundtable
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 5:30pm
St James and Andrews 8 Church Street

Event Details

Jews and Allies: an Interfaith Workshop sponsored by The Interfaith Council of Franklin County
St James and Andrew on 8 Church Street

The classic example of divide and conquer, anti-Semitism has been used for centuries to separate groups of people from each other. This mechanism continues to derail our work for social justice today, and keeps us from coming together to effectively challenge and change an oppressive system. In this interactive workshop, Jews and allies will learn to recognize and counteract anti-Semitism. We will explore the roots of anti-Semitism, why it is so confusing and hard to talk about, and what it means to be an ally, including how it makes your life better and how to take a stand against blame, isolation, and terror.

Trainers: Amy Leos-Urbel leads classes and workshops about anti-Semitism, classism, sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression. She has worked with youth and families in a variety of settings, and recently retired as Director of Educational Programs at the National Yiddish Book Center. Amy is co-author of a small book "Anti-Semitism: Why Is It Everyone's Concern?" Betsy L. Ames leads groups to help people free themselves from the effects of oppression. She is an ally in the work on ending anti-Semitism. Betsy and Amy are members of the group Jews and Allies United to End Anti-Semitism.

Pot Luck Dinner: 5:30
Program at 6:15
All are welcome