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Jewish Magic & Healing: How to Banish a Plague
Saturday, August 29, 2020 - 8:00pm to 9:30pm

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Every 5th Saturday - 4-5 times thru the year - TI offers presentations on magic and esoterica in the Jewish tradition. In August we welcome back Rabbi Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser, by popular demand.

Rabbi Rhonda has been doing original research on untranslated Jewish magic handbooks, from ancient to modern. Her title for this session is called: How to Banish a Plague. From Rabbi Rhonda:

The 19th century was a difficult time for humans but a great time for plague. Several pandemics happened in that century. Small pox, typhus, and the worst, Cholera. There were several Cholera pandemics that swept through Europe and the world, killing hundreds of thousands of people each time. Between 1846 and 1860 during the second Cholera pandemic, one million people died in Russia.

A small booklet was published in 1856 by the Komarno Rebbe. It was entitled Sha'ar Sefer Adam Yashar. The Gate of the Book Adam Yashar. In just 17 pages, the Komarno Rebbe gives excerpts from the kabbalistic text Adam Yashar, prayers to say, incantations to speak, and an amulet to hang on ones' door. All to banish a plague. We will look a bit at the text, talk about its instructions and the magical actions contained in it.

Temple Israel welcomes support for our programs. This class is free to members and not-yet-members and friends are encouraged to donate $10-$18