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Green Rebel Film Preview with Harvey Stein
Sunday, June 30, 2019 - 4:00pm

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Join film maker Harvey Stein as he raises interest in his next film project: Green Rebel - the Adventures of Kaptain Sunshine. The new film follows the career, hopes and anxieties of Israeli solar entrepreneur Yossi Abramowitz as he works to bring solar power to rural Africa.

Harvey is soliciting interest and crowd sourcing support for this next project. His previous film, A Third Way, about the Israel-Palestine conflict was screened 2 years ago to a full house at Greenfield Cinema. Clips from the new film will be shared and Harvey will describe his project. Donations appreciated!

This film is of interest to you if you support a green economy, if you believe in the power of visionary leadership and inter-group collaboration and if you hold a vision for the promise of the Jewish state.