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Core Ideas in Mental Health Online Class with Rabbi Andrea

Thursday, January 1, 1970 @ 12:00 am

Core Ideas in Mental Health: Insights for Personal (and Public) Discourse Cost: $36 total (includes both sessions) (please note price reduced from $50) Description: Join Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener for an overview of core delineations of neurosis and personality disorders. In this two part class, we’ll get a basic grasp of how neuroses and PDs form and how they manifest. This overview will illuminate how early life experiences create components of the personality, which effect trust, empathy and relationship capacity over the life span. We’ll see the “normal range of neurosis” and the more inflexible traits of personality disorders and what type of healing and self-awareness is possible in various cases. The second section will be a self study to notice when characteristics of disregulation arise in us or in others in meetings and pastoral care settings. We’ll look through our own experiences to identify times when we noticed that we or others were triggered. We’ll discuss ways to respond more skillfully when dealing with disordered states in one on one settings or in group work. The goal is that we all come away with more insights and tools for dealing with difficult people/situations more compassionately, powerfully and efficiently. Link to class description on ALEPH.org REGISTER ONLINE: Core Ideas In Mental Health: Insights for Personal (and Public) Discourse


Thursday, January 1, 1970
12:00 am
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