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Astrology, Magic and Esoterica in the Jewish Tradition
Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 7:30pm

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Rabbis Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser and Andrea Cohen Kiener will share information about folk wisdom and mysticism in the rabbinic tradition towards the end of Shabbat, June 29.

Magic, astrology, physiognomy, and folk remedies are among the topics we might call esoteric or magic; comments on these subjects about in the Talmud and persist in Hassidic and Kabbalistic Judaism. The Hebrew tradition spanned the continents and the centuries and drew on esoteric teaching in both Mesopotamia and Egypt. Hebrew migrations into Europe are widely considered to be one of the modes of transmission of ancient knowledge into western esotericism.

Join us for a whole lot of "I didn't know that was a thing in Judaism!!"

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