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Alchemy and Jewish History with Dr. Justin Sledge
Saturday, January 30, 2021 - 7:00pm

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Jews, across the continents and in many centuries, have come across the great teachings and traditions of many ages. In this talk, Dr Sledge will track the philosophy-slash-technology-science of alchemy as it interested with the Jewish communities of the middle east, Egypt and Europe.

Please support this special talk! Members $5-10; Non-members $18-20. You can mail a check or donate online using this link.

Dr. Sledge's work engages with Religious Studies specifically in the so-called "Western Esoteric Tradition" or Hermetic Tradition in religious and philosophical thought. In this line of research he seeks to grasps the philosophical commitments which underpin the alleged workings of magic, esoteric influence, spirit possession, alchemy, etc. His work also intersection between metaphysics, ethics and radical political philosophy.
He is currently preparing material on the Ancient Near Eastern Prophetic Tradition, spirit possession in the early modern Jewish world, and is slowly working through the Zohar (which he will be doing the rest of his life).
Outside of his academic and YouTube work, Justin is a calligrapher, home brewer, Go player, DM, HAM radio technician (KE8NAW) and habitual trouble-maker. He lives in Detroit, Michigan with his amazing partner Rabbi Alana Alpert, kiddo Nei'lah, and pup Mississippi.