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Take A Hike: Shabbat on the High Ledges with Maggid David Arfa

We'll combine silence and song, nature wisdom and textual wisdom as we ramble and stroll our way to the overlook. This is an easy hike. We'll meet at the second parking area, down the hill and follow land trails and prayer trails as we amble towards the overlook.
Bring your own water and snacks to share at Kiddush. I'll bring Challah and Grapejuice!
These ~services~ will be experiential and meditative with the goal of connecting us to the land, tradition, each other and the ever-present Source of Life.

Embodied Shabbat Prayer Service with Deliah Rosel

This month's Second Shabbat is an offering of Embodied Shabbat Prayer from Dr. Deliah Rosel. Join us as we joyfully enhance our connection with Infinite Divine Energy through enthusiastic chanting of traditional prayers, a twenty minute Shema/Amidah comprised of the gentle meditative movements and prayerful visualizations of L'Chaim Qigong(tm) & Torah reading with aliyah --- deepening our personal experience with God and our experience of YHVH as healing energy.

Prayer service followed by kiddush and conversation.


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