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Concerts and Events

Thanks to all who participated in our Purim celebration!

We celebrated the many facets of Purim this year, beginning with pre-Purim homentashn-baking and mask-making for children. We've been inviting families with preschoolers to join our holiday events as well and were glad to see the newcomers. On Wednesday children and families came for an early Purim carnival and supper. The children prepared boxes of the homentashn they'd made with other treats for mishloakh manot/shalakhmones, gifts of food to give to friends.

Pre-Purim Event a Success!

On Sunday, at our hamish Pre-Purim event, we made hamantashen, and shaloch manot baskets, sang songs, and heard the Purim story. A big thanks to Leena and Mellissa for helping in the kitchen, to Leena and Edith and Rhonda for bringing hamentashen dough, Suzanna for clementines, and to Peggy for all her help with planning, songs, and telling the story. Please join us again on Wed.

Purim Preparations and Festivities

Purim will be celebrated this year with the exact right amount of frivolity, satire and art, as required by the commandments to 1) Retell the Purim Story and 2) Achieve A Level of Consciousness At Which We Do Not Know Who Is The Good Guy and Who is the Bad Guy. Pre-Purim activities for children are on March 20, and Purim festivities begin at 5:30 p.m. on March 23. Please come in costume, ready to roll. BYO Hamantaschen!

Pre-Purim Celebration

Screening and director's talk: "A Third Way"

Director Harvey Stein will be at the Greenfield Garden Cinemas with his film, "A Third Way," for a discussion after the screening, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Wednesday April 13. Tickets are $9. "A Third Way" depicts the life and ideas of Rabbi Menachem Fruman. Rabbi Fruman was an Orthodox Rabbi, a West Bank settler and an inspiring advocate for respect and peace in Israel. Rabbi Fruman has inspired a generation of Jewish and Palestinian partners for peace. The film is about his story and legacy. Our own Rabbi Andrea has a brief appearance in the film and a translation credit.

Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival

The Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival presents its 11th season from March 31 through April 14, featuring two weeks of entertaining and thought-provoking films that explore the best of independent cinema through a distinctly Jewish lens. This year's line-up includes 24 award-winning films from 14 countries - including many regional premieres - providing a diverse global perspective on the Jewish experience. A few wonderful movies will be screened in the Greenfield area.


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