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Concerts and Events

Pride Shabbat with guest soloist Justin Sundell-Thomas

Join us in Greenfield to kick off the weekend of Franklin County Pride with a vibrant, participatory, and musical Kabbalat Shabbat service!

Led by cantorial soloist Justin Sundell-Thomas, we will focus on the themes of authenticity, love, and welcome that are inherent in Jewish liturgy. All are welcome. Venue is wheelchair accessible and has gender neutral restrooms. Refreshments and fellowship will follow.

The next morning, please join us in the Pride March through downtown Greenfield! Marchers gather at 11:15.

The Diary of Anne Frank @ Hawks and Reed

Join the TI community for Silverthorne Theater Company's production of the Diary of Anne Frank. The production, with a cast of local actors, will be followed by a talk back with the audience. TI is planning to arrange a group ticket. Please contact the office to purchase tickets at $2 off the regular price for this sole matinee of the run. You can see the play at other times (not at the group rate) be reserving here.

Rabbi with a Past: Rabbi Andrea's Birthday Celebration

Rabbi With a Past is a comedy and musical show featuring the life and times of Greenfield's own Andrea CK.
Andrea will reflect on her long strange trip from being the daughter of a cross-dressing mobster in suburban Minneapolis to her current gig as rabbi of Temple Israel in Greenfield. Interspersed with her humorous reflections, Andrea invited a few friends to bring music and stories that are funny, illuminating or touching - or all three!

Shir Share Song Swap

Do you have a favorite tune that you wish more people knew? Do you want to learn more Jewish (or Jew-ish) tunes? Do you just like to sing and share snacks in a low pressure environment?
Join us at 7:30 pm on March 16th at Temple Israel for a musical exchange! Please bring a song and/or a substantial snack to share.

Sing-A-Long Shabbat Dinner

We are getting ready for a song filled Shabbat morning service January 19, Shabbat Shira, when Prophetesses Miriam and Deborah both lead the people in their unique ways, including song, dancing and poetry. We will constitute a Shabbat Shira chorus and have our "practice" January 4.

Any of you who have agreed to participate in Shabbat Shira, please try to attend THIS Friday dinner January 4 for a chance to learn and sing some of the music for the Shabbat Shira service. Music will also be available as a sound file for those who wish to be in the Shabbat Shira chorus.


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