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Temple Israel Community Story Circle and Havdalah

Modeling ourselves after a storytelling project launched by the US Department of Arts and Culture, we invite the TIG community to take part in a story circle. Story circles are often understood to derive from indigenous traditions, and take many forms. Come share a story, five minutes or less, evoking this time in our lives:

A time when the arts played an essential role in your life.

A time when you creatively connected with someone while remaining socially distanced.

Rabbi Andrea's Scary Stories

Rabbi Andrea has experienced unexplained phenomena since the age of 14, when a Ouija board message saved the life of a family member. Since then, she has experienced and collected stories from her own life and that of trusted friends which appear to demonstrate the power of predictive dreams, post death visits, tarot card messages and the like. Each story represents a teaching. The opposite of frightening, the stories offer comfort and ease in a mysterious universe.

Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany - A play by Brendon Votipka

Real Teen Theater presents Face Forward: Growing Up in Nazi Germany, a play by Brendon Votipka.
The story of three teens with diverse identities and hopes experience the tensions of the early years of Nazism in Germany. The tensions between hopes and fears, fitting in and heroism will feel highly relevant in our time of political stress. A discussion of the play's themes will follow the one act play.


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