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Adult Education

A Time to Mourn

The Saturday evening at the start of the month of Av is the beginning of a time of mourning in the Jewish calendar. Everyone with empathy feels both delight and grief at the states of miracle and disrepair we face together in planetary life. One way to avoid despair is to allowing our feelings to move and flow - they are our wired-in connection with life!
In this simple grief ritual and circle, we'll touch our deep connections to the world and life which are the root of our caring and concern. Come to support and be supported. Sher, Margie, and Andrea are convening.

Two Sided Story - NEW TIME 7:30 @ TI

Two Sided Story follows newly bereaved Palestinian and Israeli parents as they participate in bi-national weekend seminars run by facilitators who had previously lost children to the conflict.The final in our summer film series, Love Your Neighbor, is a deep and difficult exploration of the price of war.

The wrenching and emotional film brings us into the pain and the context of this heart-breaking conflict.

Suggested donation $5-18 - no one turned away for lack of funds. Part of Temple Israel's Love Your Neighbor summer film series.

Leaving Memel - Refugees from the Reich @ All Souls Church

Leaving Memel - Refugees from the Reich tells the story of Judith Golden's family and what they experienced when the times changed and Hitler began demonizing Jews, homosexuals and Romani people in Europe. It's a small, personal memoir tucked inside a much larger, darker tale and has strong resonance today as anti-immigration fervor reaches new highs under our present leadership. It's also a story of survival, great timing and strong family bonds that make the difference between life and death.

Accidental Courtesy - Love Your Neighbor Mini Film Series @ All Soul's Church

Accidental Courtesy follows the activism of musician Daryl Davis as he confronts klansmen with the simple question: How can you hate me when you don't even know me?

Davis' work and personal story are inspiring and controversial. Come explore this brave man and his path to racial reconciliation.

Suggested donation $5-18 - no one turned away for lack of funds. Part of Temple Israel's Love Your Neighbor summer film series.

Please note we will meet at All Soul's Church 399 Main Street in Greenfield in the social hall.

Learn to Read Prayerbook Hebrew Crash Course

Are you curious about Hebrew? Do you want to be able to follow along in services by reading the Hebrew? Or maybe you want to know what is really being said in the Torah. Take the first steps this summer--join our five week Hebrew class.

We'll meet on five Thursday evenings at Temple Israel. You'll learn the Hebrew alphabet, and be able to read simple Hebrew phrases. We'll read and sing prayers in Hebrew. The class will help you recognize common words of the Jewish prayerbook, and feel more comfortable reading prayerbook Hebrew.


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