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Adult Education

Interactive Workshop on Antisemitism for Jews & Allies with Amy Leos-Urbel & Betsy Ames

What are the current realities of anti-Semitism -- on the Right and the Left? How are Jews and Jewish organizations affected by internalized anti-Semitism? How can we improve relations between Jews and Communities of Color? Join us for large and small group discussions of these and other pressing issues, led by Amy Leos-Urbel & Betsy Ames. Snow date Feb. 9

Book Discussion: "Anti-Semitism: Why is it Everyone's Concern" with Amy Leos-Urbel

Amy Leos-Urbel will lead this time to share our insights about reading the booklet: Anti-Semitism: Why is it Everyone's Concern?

This booklet is about how anti-Semitism is used to divide Jews from other groups -- and from each other -- and how to educate non-Jews to be our allies. It was written by Cherie Brown and Amy Leos-Urbel and published by Jews and Allies United to End Anti-Semitism.

Suggested donation: $6 - $36

The Shape of the Siddur: A Three part class

Services! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a bird's eye view of what is going on in the siddur? Come for this 3 part, 40 minute class to learn the shape and structure of the prayers and you too can have that lovely feeling of knowing what is going on!

This class is recommended for bar and bat mitzvah students, conversion students and other adult learners who want to feel more engaged in services.

Free to Hebrew school students and other members; other adults, suggested $10-18 donation

First Friday Dinner and Report Back from RAICES San Antonio

On our regular First Friday shabbat dinner together, Maya Laur and Sara Schley will report back on an impactful trip they took in August to San Antonio to work directly with Asylum seekers and immigrants in partnership with the non profit RAICES. Maya will share her writing to help "put a face on" a corner of the international migration challenges.

Talk proceeds pot-luck supper with shabbat table blessings and songs.

Yizkor of Sukkot

Our harvest season closes with Sukkot, and this last day, called Shmini Atzeret, is also a day of remembering our deceased loved ones. Please come if you can help make the minyan for the Yizkor service, 10-12. Followed by a light kiddush.

Circle in the Sukkah

This pot-luck supper, Circle In The Sukkah, has a special theme of sharing our Jewish stories. The story circle is open to Jews and fellow travelers. Come share your and your families' story of escaping, reclaiming renewing, disconnecting and reconnecting to aspects of Jewish life, community and culture.

Vegetarian main dishes, sides, and desserts welcome.

We look forward to sharing our stories!


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