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Adult Education

Family Shabbat Blessing Circle

Welcoming all TI families, especially those with little ones, to a Shabbat Blessing Circle, 5:30-6:00. These sweet gatherings will include simple shabbat songs, a word of Torah or a story, a time to exchange blesisngs and appreciations and all the basic shabbat table blessings, co-led by Rabbi Andrea and the families!

People are also welcome to show off their home made challah, beautiful kiddush cups, decorative place settings or any other shabbat delights you want to share.

Text Study: Lag b'Omer

The weekly text study group focuses on Lag b'Omer, a festive and mystical holiday connected to devastating historical events of the early rabbinic era as well as to the Zohar, a key text in medieval Kabbalah. To join the class, email jrabinowicz[at]

Tikkun Layl Shavuot - Extreme Torah

It is traditional to study Torah all night on Shavuot. Please join us for a wide variety of text study and discussion beginning at 8PM and ending - for those who are able - at around midnight! We'll have small group study, song, text classes (Book of Ruth, midrash), a discussion on the gifts of embracing mortality, a class called Hebrew is Magic an art project, and so much more. Order now and you'll receive free wisdom at no extra cost.

Oy! On line Play Rehearsal

Production is underway for Oy!, a play by Rich Orloff. Adult participants are invited for a read-thru at 4:00pm Sunday and teens will be invited in at 5:00pm for the teen and intergenerational scenes. If you would like to participate, this will be the last chance to join for this production. Please let Rabbi Andrea know ASAP. rabbi (at) templeisraelgreenfield (dot) org.

The Torah of Tarot for Self-Exploration with Myk Freedman

Temple Israel has a tradition of studying esoteric topics when there is a 5th Saturday in a month and May is one of those months! We welcome special guest Myk Freedman to teach us about the symbolism and use of the Tarot deck. Tarot shares some roots with the Jewish tradition which Myk will also address.

Pre-registration is required at rabbi (at) to receive the Zoom invitation:

Virtual Text Discussion: Ruth

The text discussion havura discusses the book of Ruth and its themes of justice and redemption, refugees, food justice, Moshiach, and tikkun olam. Suggested supplementary readings: Genesis 38 (Tamar), Deut 25:5-10 (yibum), Mishnah Pe'ah. This group will discuss the book of Ruth until Shavuot. To join this discussion group, email jrabinowicz[at]

Rosh Hodesh Renewed

A Rosh Hodesh (New Moon) Celebration will be held April 23rd, 6:30 pm by Zoom for Temple Israel women. Rhonda Wainshilbaum will host the meeting. Be sure you RSVP if you want to attend so that you are on the invitation list.


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