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Adult Education

Intermediate Hebrew: Reading Mishnah

Some of our intermediate Hebrew students have begun reading Mishnah Avot, or "Ethics of the Fathers", a classic rabbinic text which traditionally serves as an introduction to the Talmud (and is full of quotes you will probably recognize even if you've never read it). We read line by line with the aid of reference materials in order to absorb the language holistically, and discuss the meaning of sayings attributed to the earliest rabbis in this oft-cited key text.

Continuing Hebrew

Instructor Anne Hartheimer leads free Hebrew classes in the month of January. This is a continuation of our popular Hebrew Crash Course beginner's level class. We'll be continuing to work on reading and grammar that helps you understand the prayerbook and eventually to be able to read from Torah and Tanach (the Bible). For those of you who are interested, we'll also learn how to write in cursive, so you can take notes as you learn more Hebrew. This class is FREE and open to all!

From Aging to Saging: Journeying with Your Archetypes in the Second Half of Life - workshop with Daniel Yalowitz

For all TI and community members interested in learning about C.G. Jung's concept of archetypes, we will explore those particular archetypes we are likely to encounter during the second half of our lives and focus on their impact and influence on our life's journey.


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