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Adult Education

First Friday Dinner and Report Back from RAICES San Antonio

On our regular First Friday shabbat dinner together, Sara Schley will report back from an impactful trip she and daughter, Maya Laur, took to San Antonio. Sara's impressions and readings she will share from Maya will inform us and "put a face on" a corner of the international migration challenges.
Talk proceeds pot-luck supper with shabbat table blessings and songs.
Rabbi Andrea will provide "simple supper," a hearty soup, breads and spreads. Fell free to supplement with other dishes if your schedule allows.

Yizkor of Sukkot

Our harvest season closes with Sukkot, and this last day, called Shmini Atzeret, is also a day of remembering our deceased loved ones. Please come if you can help make the minyan for the Yizkor service, 10-12. Followed by a light kiddush.

Circle in the Sukkah

This pot-luck supper, Circle In The Sukkah, has a special theme of sharing our Jewish stories. The story circle is open to Jews and fellow travelers. Come share your and your families' story of escaping, reclaiming renewing, disconnecting and reconnecting to aspects of Jewish life, community and culture.

Vegetarian main dishes, sides, and desserts welcome.

We look forward to sharing our stories!

A Time to Mourn

The Saturday evening at the start of the month of Av is the beginning of a time of mourning in the Jewish calendar. Everyone with empathy feels both delight and grief at the states of miracle and disrepair we face together in planetary life. One way to avoid despair is to allowing our feelings to move and flow - they are our wired-in connection with life!
In this simple grief ritual and circle, we'll touch our deep connections to the world and life which are the root of our caring and concern. Come to support and be supported. Sher, Margie, and Andrea are convening.


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