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Adult Education

Poems of Passover

We invite you to join us for our second Poetry evening on the themes of our spring holiday, Pesach. We will begin with Havdalah (the ritual at the end of Shabbat) and then share poems about freedom, renewal, rebirth, springtime, injustice, oppression, liberation, and hope. This is just a partial list of possible themes for this season. We invite you to read a poem that you love or a poem you have written that speaks to any of these themes or to what is on your mind and heart these days. You can also just come and listen.

Hebrew Is Magic: Havdalah and Exploration of the Mysteries of Hebrew

We'll end shabbat together with the ritual of Havdalah and a playful talk with Rabbi Andrea on the mysteries of the Hebrew alphabet. Rabbi Andrea will explore individual letters and specific words and phrases which demonstrate deeply meaningful ideas. The Hebrew alphabet is related to early Semitic languages and pictograms (letters based on physical objects). Hebrew is a root language for Greek and has as many as 20,000 English words which are plausibly linked to a Hebrew source. Amazement guaranteed!

Spiritual Wisdom to Counter Addiction: Teachings from the Piasezcner Rebbe

Rabbi Natan Margalit will lead us into writings of the Piaseczner Rebbe, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapiro (1889 - 1943). For Rav Kalonymus, addiction is the inevitable result of ignoring the sacred Oneness that connects all creation. We are seeing that dynamic unfold with tragic consequences not only for individuals and communities but also for our politics and for the earth. We will use his guided imagery as well as text study, discussion and meditation to get a taste of this vitally needed spiritual, psychological and cultural shift from addiction to holiness.

Temple Israel Community Story Circle and Havdalah

Modeling ourselves after a storytelling project launched by the US Department of Arts and Culture, we invite the TIG community to take part in a story circle. Story circles are often understood to derive from indigenous traditions, and take many forms. Come share a story, five minutes or less, evoking this time in our lives:

A time when the arts played an essential role in your life.

A time when you creatively connected with someone while remaining socially distanced.


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