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Ritual Life

Begin Again: Preparing for the High Holidays

Join Shirin Morris and Frances Welson for a four week class on the traditional Jewish practice of preparing oneself for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This practice takes place during the Hebrew month of Elul, which begins on August 21 this year. Shirin and Fran will share some techniques that they have learned to assist in this process. Using motifs from Kabbalah, Musar practice, middot (spiritual qualities) and mindfulness meditation, these sessions will enable you to deepen a process of self-awareness and Tikun Olam that you can continue to use through the High Holidays and beyond.

The Amida/Standing Prayer: What Do You Stand For?

The core of Hebrew liturgy is the Amida or Standing Prayer. It is one of the oldest prayers and one of the few prayers that is not simply lifted directly from the Bible. It was composed by our earliest proto-rabbinic leaders.
In this 2 part class we'll discuss the structure, history and themes of the daily and Shabbat Amida. This class is open to pre-bar-mitzvah folks thru adults.
The class is free to members of TI. Non-members are asked to donate $10-18 per class.
Rabbi Andrea is the instructor. She hopes to see you there!

Shavuot Service with Yizkor

Shavuot, when the people received (and receive) the Torah is observed as a yontiff on this Shabbat. The service includes the memorial prayers. In this time when we cannot gather, our rituals of mourning and comforting have been altered. We'll try to draw together to hold each other in ths time of so much unresolved grief during this year's observance of Shavuot.
Please join if you can so mourners can recite kaddish.

Be Mitzvah Shabbat Shalom

Be Mitzvah Families will gather for blessings, torah teachings from the students and special shabbat foods (made in their respective homes - there are rumors of kugels) . If you are not in the Be Mitzvah family group, but wish to join, please email Rabbi Andrea.

Tikkun Layl Shavuot - Extreme Torah

It is traditional to study Torah all night on Shavuot. Please join us for a wide variety of text study and discussion beginning at 8PM and ending - for those who are able - at around midnight! We'll have small group study, song, text classes (Book of Ruth, midrash), a discussion on the gifts of embracing mortality, a class called Hebrew is Magic an art project, and so much more. Order now and you'll receive free wisdom at no extra cost.


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