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Justice Work

Spiritual Wisdom to Counter Addiction: Teachings from the Piasezcner Rebbe

Rabbi Natan Margalit will lead us into writings of the Piaseczner Rebbe, Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapiro (1889 - 1943). For Rav Kalonymus, addiction is the inevitable result of ignoring the sacred Oneness that connects all creation. We are seeing that dynamic unfold with tragic consequences not only for individuals and communities but also for our politics and for the earth. We will use his guided imagery as well as text study, discussion and meditation to get a taste of this vitally needed spiritual, psychological and cultural shift from addiction to holiness.

Twice as Smart Information Session

Join Gloria Matlock as she describes the supplementary educational work she is doing with Greenfield students. Gloria and her team teach communcation, homework, financial literacy and other topics every Saturday. Rabbi Andrea invites our TIG family to find out how we can bring human, financial and material support to the Twice as Smart program.

Please sign up for - and read -your How to Participate bi-weekly email for zoom information.

The session will be recorded, so folks can view it later if they are unable to attend.

Dislocation, Justice and Renewal: A Comparative Study of Three Exiles with Jan Flaska

Dislocation, Justice and Renewal: A Comparative Study of Three Exiles

Please join Dr. Jan Flaska, Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life at Deerfield Academy, for a presentation on forced migrations in a variety of places and times with a view towards injustice and resilience. In this talk, he will consider Lakota in South Dakota; Jews in Central Europe; and the Kanienkeha:ka Mohwak community near Montreal.


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