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Justice Work

Talking to Children about Anti-Semitism


Sunday February 23 10:30-12:00 pm
Donations appreciated: $6 - $18 for members and $12 - $36 for non-members.

This practical session is open to parents and educators who wish to learn ways to help children describe, understand and combat anti-Semitism.

Co-sponsored with Hadassah and supported by a generous grant from the Grinspoon Foundation of Western MA.

What Do Jews Believe? A Conversation with R. Andrea @ St A & St J

Rabbi Andrea will be the coffee hour guest at St Andrew's and St James this Sunday. Her topic is What Do Jews Believe? In this talk Rabbi Andrea discusses the historical roots of Christianity and the eventual divergence of these two faith groups. She highlights some of the points of rhetoric and interpretation on key ideas, such as faith, acts and messiah.

The talk is open to all.

Program on Climate crisis for spiritual/religious communities - Interfaith Council of Franklin County

The Interfaith Council of Franklin County presents a program led by Margaret Bulitt-Jonas about climate issues and how religious congregations can be involved in what is potentially holy work. All welcome! 5:30 PM - vegetarian pot luck (please label dishes for food allergies: GF, nuts, dairy, etc). Program with invited speakers begins at 6:30 PM.

Interactive Workshop on Antisemitism for Jews & Allies with Amy Leos-Urbel & Betsy Ames

What are the current realities of anti-Semitism -- on the Right and the Left? How are Jews and Jewish organizations affected by internalized anti-Semitism? How can we improve relations between Jews and Communities of Color? Join us for large and small group discussions of these and other pressing issues, led by Amy Leos-Urbel & Betsy Ames. Snow date Feb. 9

Book Discussion: "Anti-Semitism: Why is it Everyone's Concern" with Amy Leos-Urbel

Amy Leos-Urbel will lead this time to share our insights about reading the booklet: Anti-Semitism: Why is it Everyone's Concern?

This booklet is about how anti-Semitism is used to divide Jews from other groups -- and from each other -- and how to educate non-Jews to be our allies. It was written by Cherie Brown and Amy Leos-Urbel and published by Jews and Allies United to End Anti-Semitism.

Suggested donation: $6 - $36


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