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Dislocation, Justice and Renewal: A Comparative Study of Three Exiles with Jan Flaska

Dislocation, Justice and Renewal: A Comparative Study of Three Exiles

Dr. Flaska on sabbatical in eastern Europe, turned his attention to forced migrations in a variety of places and times with a view towards injustice and resilience. In this talk, he will consider Lakota in South Dakota; Jews in Central Europe; and the Kanienkeha:ka Mohwak community near Montreal.

Tu B'Shevat, Havdalah and Poetry

We invite you to join us on February 6th for a celebration of Tu B'Shevat - The New Year for the Trees. We will begin at 7 p.m. with Havdalah ( the ritual at the end of Shabbat) and then we will share poems that celebrate trees, nature, growth, winter, hope and renewal. This is just a partial list of the themes of our wonderful winter holiday that honors the trees and their actual and symbolic importance in our lives. We invite you to read a poem that you love or a poem that you have written that speaks to any of these themes or others that have meaning for you.

Rabbi Andrea's Scary Stories

Rabbi Andrea has experienced unexplained phenomena since the age of 14, when a Ouija board message saved the life of a family member. Since then, she has experienced and collected stories from her own life and that of trusted friends which appear to demonstrate the power of predictive dreams, post death visits, tarot card messages and the like. Each story represents a teaching. The opposite of frightening, the stories offer comfort and ease in a mysterious universe.

The Lost World of African-American Cantors 1915-1953

The history of Black-Jewish cultural interaction primarily focuses on how Jews adopted and adapted Black vernacular music -- ragtime, jazz, swing, R&B and blues, etc. --as performers, promoters, managers, club owners and record labels. However, what has never before been explored were the African-Americans who performed Yiddish and cantorial music in and for the Jewish community, in theaters on record, radio and in concert between the World Wars.


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