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Adult Education

The Jewish spiritual tradition teaches us the model of The Four Worlds: practical skills, emotional development, intellectual growth and spiritual practices. Our program of adult education touches all four worlds!

And we are open to suggestions! If there are topics of interest to you or something that you have expertise in and would like to teach, please let us know. We offer a variety of classes geared toward deepening Jewish knowledge and practice. Some are taught by the Rabbi and some by other knowledgeable congregants or visiting experts.

Sukkot Hut

Weekly Classes

  • Beginning Hebrew, restarting Thursday evenings iin 2016.
  • Torah study group Tuesdays at 12:30 pm and second Shabbat each month at 10:00 am.
  • Yiddish classes taught by Yosl Kurland, Sunday mornings.

Special Offerings

The first Thursday of each month, we are offering a practice session on Compassionate Listening. Compassionate Listening is a conflict transformation technique which helps us become more knowledgeable, skilled and self-aware listeners. The group is a free drop-in group through May, on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. The next group will be January 7, 2016, at 7:00 pm.

Shmita Committee (a.k.a. the Sustainability Group) studies have included: food preparation and preservation classes, a series taught by Dr. Abrah Dresdale about the Shmita cycle, discussions on sustainability and Jewish practice, and outdoor activities connected with seasonal Jewish ritual.

Shefa Gold Workshop

Coming Soon

Once or twice a year, we host special guest rabbi or teacher. The weekend of December 11-13, we hosted Rabbi Shefa Gold for a weekend of Opening to Miracles. Our next guest (date TBA) will be Rabbi Simcha Raphael who will teach on Jewish views of the afterlife.

  • Make It-Take It and Play/Craft events, see calendar.
  • Text, ethics and other content taught by Rabbi Andrea C-K. Winter series TBD.

Compassionate Listening

CLP Delegation 2015

Compassionate Listening is a conflict transformation practice with monthly group.

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Hebrew Class

We offer an introduction to Hebrew reading each year. Beginners are invited for a 7:00PM start and continuing students should come at 7:30. We are using the fabulous NJOP curriculum (National Jewish Outreach Project) which builds in mastery of basic Hebrew words and prayer book phrases.

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Sustainability Group

The Shmita committee ( AKA The Sustainability group) offers programs having to do with community resilience, food systems, and deep ecology as it is described and nurtured by Jewish text and traditions. We are inspired by the Shmita cycle, the seven year cycle that includes a year of rest for the earth that mimics our weekly Shabbat.

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