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Mary Myers Library

The Mary Myers Library located within Temple Israel has an impressive selection of Jewish-themed books, magazines, music, and videos.

If you are interested in a specific title, author or subject, please inquire about it from our librarian, Michael Hurwitz. Michael now has the contents of our library catalogued in a white ring binder which sits on the library desk. There is also a white binder which contains library policies.

Here is the complete list of our collection.


The Plague Tales by Ann Benson

This is a trilogy -- Part 1 is The Plague Tales; part 2 is The Burning Road; and Part 3 is The Physician's Tale.

Personally, I found the story (or, rather, stories) fascinating. The author relates two stories -- alternating between the two. One story is about a 12th century Jewish physician who lives during the height of the bubonic plague; the other story deals with a doctor of the early 21st century who lives here in Western Massachusetts and who, also, must cope with the bubonic plague.

Part of what makes these tales interesting, I think, is how Ms. Benson ties the two stories together -- both main characters are doctors, both must deal with the plague, both are in possession of an ancient journal written in Hebrew, and both discover a way to cure people of the plague (albeit using different methods -- 12th century medicine vs. 21st century medicine).

While these three books can be read in any order -- I read book two first, it is probably better to read them in order. By reading in order, the reader is able to follow the development of characters and the story lines in chronological order.

This 3-part novel is a medical mystery (or two mysteries) and is, therefore, recommended for people who enjoy that particular genre.

Recent Library Additions

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A Woman's Voice by Sarah Foner

Lion's Honey by David Grossman

A Hole in the Heart of the World by Jonathan Kaufman

Wrestling with Yoga by Shelly Dembe

The Old Religion by David Mamet

The Wicked Son by David Mamet

Circulation Procedure

NEW ! There is now a separate listing in the white library binder of NON-BOOK materials in our collection. People can now look up items by media type and then by title.

REMEMBER: to check out an item, write author and title on one of the white cards in the wooden box on the desk along with your name and date and put in the front of the box.

Book Review by Michael

Book Review of All I Love and Know by Judith Frank

"This beautiful novel is old-fashioned in its approach, taking its sweet time to tell a tender love story between two flawed, good-hearted people, and yet it feels wholly fresh... This is a compassionate, utterly compelling story of how family members, torn apart by tragedy, must reach deep within themselves to meet their greatest challenge." -- excerpted from a review by Booklist.