Message from Rabbi Andrea

January 26, 2016

This week's Torah portion, Jethro, points us to a famous and useful metaphor, one of my favorites, Standing at Mount Sinai. The image of hundreds of thousand of people circling a mountain gives us a way to think about community. They stand to gether in a huge circle at the foot of a mountain and face upwards, inwards, to where the communication from the Living Unity will reach them. All of them together, with their varying points of view. Each one will all have to contain one ray of light... Read More

Shabbat and Torah

Below are Shabbat times and Torah readings.

Saturday, 06 February 2016
Saturday, 06 February 2016
Friday, 05 February 2016

Worship Times

First Friday of the Month
5:30 Family service.
6:15 Vegetarian Pot-luck.
7:30 Adult Service

Second Saturdays
10:00-noon Song & Torah Study

Third Shabbat
10-12:15 Morning Service, kiddush & veggie pot-luck.

Fourth Friday: Special Dinner 1/29
6:30 Traditional evening meal with singing and storytelling.

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