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Embodied Shabbat Prayer Service with Deliah Rosel

This month's Second Shabbat is an offering of Embodied Shabbat Prayer from Dr. Deliah Rosel. Join us as we joyfully enhance our connection with Infinite Divine Energy through enthusiastic chanting of traditional prayers, a twenty minute Shema/Amidah comprised of the gentle meditative movements and prayerful visualizations of L'Chaim Qigong(tm) & Torah reading with aliyah --- deepening our personal experience with God and our experience of YHVH as healing energy.

Prayer service followed by kiddush and conversation.

Rory Cronen-Townsend's Bat Mitzvah

Please join the family of Rory Cronen-Townsend on Purim, March 12, at 12:30 in the afternoon, as they celebrate Rory's Bat Mitzvah. Our community is strengthened when young people emerge into their next stage of responsibility and contribution. We are delighted to bring Rory closer to torah.

It is the custom to wear costumes on the holiday of Purim and we hope you will wear something creative. Please RSVP to

A Seudat Mitzvah, a celebratory meal, follows the service.


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