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Adult Education

Hot Topics: A Training in Handling Heated Conversations

Folks in our community who have an interest in listening well during heated conversations are invited to this 2 hour training in Compassionate Listening. Prior experience with CL or related techniques is helpful but not required.

From 7-9 PM, we'll review CL basics, followed by a series of exercises and practice sessions on asking curious open-ended questions.

So many people are interested in these important skills of good listening and skilled communication. We plan this first event as the beginning of a series of trainings and practices over late winter and spring.

Tikkun Layl Shavuot/Learn Long and Prosper

There is a custom on this first night commemorating Shavuot, the time of receiving the torah, to gather and learn together until midnigth or even dawn.... or in our case... until our respective bedtimes!

Your contributions are welcome. What Torah teachings do you love? DO you have a prayer dance or poem that enlivens torah in you? Contact rabbi(@) to slot a time to share your torah teaching.


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