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Rabbi's Picks

Robariah Farms has Kosher Chicken for Passover!

On sale for immediate pick-up: Local, Pasture-Raised, Kosher Chicken from a local farm on Captain Lathrop Drive in South Deerfield! You heard us right! We have extra chickens that are now available for spring pick-up. Whether you're planning an upcoming meal or planning ahead for Passover, think about elevating your dinner table with the taste and smell of a locally grown, pasture-raised, certified kosher chicken. You won't regret it!

What do we have?

  • Whole chicken (Cornish Cross) - $7.95/lb

  • Whole chicken (Freedom Ranger*) - $8.95/lb

Rabbi's Message

I really look forward to our Temple Clean Up Day on Sunday December 27. It will be an all out work day, with committee meetings, roving groups of organizers tackling room after room and a few fun and tasty surprises. 10-6 is the full day - come for all or part. See the calendar for the full schedule.

I am excited to put our spaces and all of our resources to the best possible use. I am excited to imagine and grow into our vision.

Message from the Rabbi

I'm back from my 2 week trip to Israel and the west bank; it was amazing and strong and safe.
We were flying over France as events unfolded there, of course unknown to us.
So we ARE in all this together...
Maybe our faith, maybe our community, maybe our prayerful intentions can help us and help the situation. Please join us for the events and programs coming up this month.
December 3, 7:30-9, I will be offering a practice session using compassionate listening training materials.
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