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Message from Rabbi Andrea

From The Divine Path, by Reb Kalanymous Kalman Shapira OBM

A Teaching for Shavuot; paraphrase by Andrea CK

...And so we come to realize that the messianic vision of human completeness is the whole point of creation. It is the will and essence of Creator that human evolution be experienced and expressed via the unfolding creation. When The Holy One generates each individual human being, the individuals do not simply express their unique, personal self. They also express a portion of the overall human evolutionary impulse. It is up to each of us individually to awaken our desire for repair and betterment. It is indeed possible for any of us to suppress and ignore the messianic impulse.

Each seeker must needs set for themselves ways to reach for and measure their efforts to evolve, so the whole world will not remain in this current lowly condition. Ask yourself: What did I do today? Was I more or less selfish than yesterday? Did I not get worse? Or did I actually make an effort and raise up some situation? What opportunities did I squander today? Frame this search in a positive way: Where are my points of influence? What can I affect for the good? Can I align myself with a higher purpose and bring out the messianic sparks in myself?

We don't do this work strictly for our personal benefit. This is the way we can contribute to the quickening, the approaching of messianic values and expressions. There have already been very high souls in the Hebrew tradition, like Moses Our Teacher and others. But the time was not ripe for the Edenic age. The time, the place and the human consciousness are all needed together for a collective and permanent step forward in our common evolution. Each of us individually must be a new building block in this great effort of preparation....We know we are on the right path when we feel a sense of agitation, an awareness of our lack, a wish for something more pure and true... when we feel God's call to us: Rise above your nature (conditioning) and bring forth your light...

May 25, 2017